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Päivitetty: 24. huhtik. 2019

Heidi Seppälä

Residency Manager

Heidi Seppälä is a dance artist of Akat Dance Collective and dance researcher born in Finland. She Studied her BA dance in Viljandi Culture Academy, Estonia, as well as BA (hons) Dance Theatre, TrinityLaban, London. She is currently finishing her International Master in Dance Knowledge, Practice, and Heritage, research focus on dance rehabilitation in prisons in United States and England. Her artistic projects are often guided by questions around individual freedom in society. Her next steps are in Palestine as an artistic director for Ramallah Ballet Centre and looking out for opportunities to expand her research as artistic practise-led PhD.

Outi Valanto Residency Coordinator Outi Elena Valanto is Finnish artist and researcher with background in dance and architecture. She studies Master of Arts in Performing Public Space. Her practice is focused on cross-disciplinary techniques combining together her two backgrounds: artistic/scientific, and movement/ architecture. She is interested in possibilities for city development through arts, communities of practice, art for unconventional target groups, engaged art practices and interdisciplinary art practices. In the future Outi is planning to continue her artistic work with interdisciplinary focus and develop her research of movement possibilities in urban space as a PhD candidate.

Shyrine Ziadeh

Public Relations and Social Media Shyrine Ziadeh is founder of the first dance school in Palestine. She studied business administration at Birziet University, followed by several certificate workshops in business & communication in political organisations, advocacy, lobbying and leadership. She is currently finishing her International Master in Dance Knowledge, Practice, and Heritage, research focus on refugee work, dance and identity. She is a passionate dancer, political activist and a social media influencer.

Jenci Zsembery Coordinator and Cultural Advisor Jenci Zsembery is a linguist, tourist guide and tour director born in Hungary. He studied English in Szeged University and tour guiding in The School of Business in Szeged. He also holds ten years of practise in the art of craft beer brewing and used to manage London's most varied craft beer bar. Jenci is currently furthering his language studies and planning to move to Palestine to teach English to refugees and asylum seekers.

Christopher Gerberding Curator Christopher Gerberding is a visual artist and curator based in Germany. He was born in Baden-Baden and raised in Paris. After he moved to Berlin, He studied Fine Arts in University of Arts Braunschweig. His works strives for the portrayal of longing, uncertainty, and wanting to show something that can not be shown. Ephemeral nostalgie and romantic of the moment is reflecting from his works. The romance referred to unattainable states of longing, such as childhood, idyllic nature and questions of heritages. He has exposed in various circumstances and concepts in international and national level. As a curator Christopher leads gallery Temporary Room that is based on a makeshift concept which changes its locations for example Berlin and Braunschweig. Temporary Room presents wide range of international artists with interdisciplinary practices. In the future he will deepen the personal artistic work as well as expand the concept of Temporary Room.

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