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Art/Heritage Residency

Päivitetty: 24. huhtik. 2019

Art/Heritage Residency & Symposium is created by Finnish Akat Dance Collective and hosted by Heidi Seppälä. It is an open-air art residency in the rural area south-east of Hungary, a small town called Hódmezővásárhely, on the Great Hungarian Plain. This town, which literally translates to Marketplace on the Beavers' Field, holds an incredibly rich cultural and heritage history,displayed in the country’s national celebrations, folk music, dance and in the strong family ties reaching across generations. This land of thousand stories creates a perfect background for artistic investigation to traditions, culture and heritage, in the richest sense of these expressions.

Art/Heritage is a brainy retreat for artists working with the questions of tradition, ownership, culture & heritage. Questions like Who's heritage? What does a tradition require to exist? What makes 'old' more valuable? What traditions are there in contemporary art? Is contemporary art traditional" Etc. Will be treated as the thematic framework for the creation period and exhibition organised at the end of the residency. The initiative offers artists from any cultural background a unique experience to create work in an intimate, traditional communal setting. It is an open and collaborative space where artists become a part of a community and stimulate their work through the exchange of perspectives and wisdom of other cultures and thought processes. The aim is to create a space for reflection, sharing and growing ideas in a rich cultural diversity of artists working for a shared exhibition at the end of the residency period. Art/Heritage creates connections and connects cultures to work for a deeper understanding of values rarely questioned and often taken for granted.

Artists-in-residence are also invited to engage in locally based practices: to join local cultural initiatives as well as to work with local themes and visual and social contexts. The town centre of Vásárhely is only 20minutes walk away, and a field trip to “Cradle of the State of Hungary”, Ópusztaszer Heritage Park will be made. Traditional Hungarian meals will be cooked by our traditional in-house-culinary-artist and we also encourage artists-in-residence to take turns to create communal dinners from their own tradition, heritage or just simply, time in the past. The kitchen will be filled with 'basics' (in European context) for the duration of your stay, but we encourage everyone to bring a special something edible for sharing/cooking, be it a spice, sweets or a special biscuit you wish to share.

The collaboration we already have with the REÖK museum, is a very important vain of our artistic program. At the end of the residency period, a public presentation is organized to show the project realized by the artists. A press release is published to communicate the event, through local journalists and social media.

Detail from work of Monique Besten/Nomadic Village Art Residency

Art/Heritage will host 15-20 artists during the 2-week residency from the following disciplines: Visual Art, New Media, Animation, Film Making, Architecture, Sculpture, Ceramics, Dance, Theatre, Performing Arts, Music

Accommodation and resources: Art/Heritage will offer artists land, food, space for artistic creation, workshops, and an exhibition space in one of the most prestigious museums of Hungary. We offer kitchen, indoor hangout space, toilet and shower, wifi and a chef.

Expectations of the artist: The culmination of the residency will be a 3-day exhibition in REÖK Palace, Szeged's main fine arts museum and so we are looking for artists who are happy to exhibit in this prestigious space after an intense period of creation in our cozy art farm. We are looking for artists with openness and curiosity to create their own working space in the residency, as well as a mindset of an adventurer enough to embark on the landscape of a traditional wandering nomad (with indoor toilet and kitchen for a bit of modern comfort!). We also encourage participants to bring a special something edible for sharing/cooking, be it a spice, sweets or a special biscuit you wish to share, and the kitchen will be open for anyone wanting to share their culinary art for the rest of the artists!

Selection criteria: The residency dedicates particular attention to projects exploring the notion of heritage and tradition. The selection of the artists will be based on the artistic quality of their work, their motivation, openness and their potential to make the most of the opportunity to connect and create within the setting provided.

Location and accommodation:

Residency is organised in a rural residential area 20minutes walk from town centre of Hódmezővásárhely. Accommodation is in an intimate old farm-turned-into-artists space in the style of camping. Indoor bathroom, toilet, kitchen and hangout area is provided but participants are asked to arrive with their own portable accommodation. A tiny convenience store is located around the corner, and all amenities (groceries, restaurants, pubs, dyi, pharmacy, bank post...) are provided in town.

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