Heidi Seppälä has been choreogprahing work since 2006. Research and leadership roles are filling her calendar for the following years as she is embarking on a research project looking at power of dance and drama in rehabilitating prisoners in both United States and European context, preparing for her season as an artistic director and teacher of Ramallah Ballet Center in Palestine as well as establishing a new art residency around the concepts of Heritage and Cultures.




Prison Dance Research 2018-2019


As a main project of her studies in Choreomundus - Master of Dance Knowledge, Practise and Heritage, Heidi embarked on a research project in prisons. Looking at the potential of dance in rehabilitating dancers back to society, and further opportunities to expand her research into an artistic practise-led PhD, Heidi has been doing fieldwork in art organisations and prisons in The United States and England during 2018 and 2019.

Schedule of the project:

9/18 Start of MA Choreomundus in Szeged University | Hungary

7-8/18 Research Work in Albuquerque Detention Centres and Keshet Centre for the Arts | New Mexico

8/18 Juvenile Justice Convening | Keshet Centre for Arts | ABQ | New Mexico
9-12/18 Courses in University of Clermont Auvergne | Clermont-Ferrand | France
1-5/19 Courses in Roehampton University | London | England

4/19 Per/Forming Futures - Investigating Artistic Doctorates | ADiE | London | England
4-5/19 Research work in TiPP Organisation | Manchester | England

7/19 Dissertation handing, Viva, Graduation
8/19 Artistic Research Performs and Transforms: Bridging Practices, Contexts, Traditions & Futures | Helsinki | Finland


Art/Heritage Residency 2020
By Akat Dance Collective


Akat Dance Collective is opening a new artist-in-residence programme dealing with the notions of tradition and heritage in contemporary art.

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